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Ahmed haikal

Are you feeling stuck in your career? Unsure about your next steps? We have the solution to propel your career forward!

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You May Be Facing

  • Feeling uncertain about your career direction
  • Struggling to make informed career decisions
  • Unsure how to effectively communicate your value to employers or clients
  • Feeling stagnant or unfulfilled in your current role
  • Lack of confidence in your professional identity and brand
What we solve

Why Our Solution is Important

  • Provides personalized guidance to clarify career goals
  • Equips you with tools to make informed decisions about your career path
  • Helps you build a strong personal brand that showcases your unique skills and expertise
  • Boosts confidence and self-assurance in your professional identity
  • Sets you on the path to career fulfillment and success

My Specialties

Career Decision making

Unlock your career potential with our decision-making service tailored for students, graduates, and professionals seeking clarity and direction.

Personal Branding

Unleash your potential with our Personal Branding service. Stand out, attract clients, and thrive with a compelling brand.

Expected Result and Positive Impact

Clarity and confidence in your career direction

A compelling personal brand that attracts opportunities

Increased job satisfaction and fulfillment

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to find your meaning is to find your GIFT, to find your PURPOSE is to give it away

Meet your Coach

Ahmed Haikal

Hello, Ana Ahmed Haikal, transitioned from military service to becoming a Certified Career Coach. Fueled by a burning desire to motivate and guide others, I honed my skills in Digital marketing, video editing, content creation, and web designing

Inspired by my own transformation, I founded Career Catalyst, a beacon of hope for those navigating career decisions and seeking to enhance their personal branding.

To unlock their potential and stand out in the crowd.

Through Career Catalyst, I offer tailored guidance and unwavering support, guiding clients through their own journey towards clarity, confidence, and success in their careers.

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What My Clients Say

Thank you for your time and for your active listening talent that gives me the space to talk, to express my feelings and the unorganized thoughts I have Every time we talk, I found myself has a clear vision, Finally, you helped me to take my career decision with a trusted vision Thank u so much.
Walaa Magdy