How to start online business with no experience required

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If you want to start a business online but don’t know where to start, and tried to search on the internet using the keyword ( how to make money from the internet ) and you have been watching many videos with some people filming in front of fancy cars holding thousands of dollars under title how to earn 2000 $ dollars a month but all end up with frustration.

In this blog post, I will walk you through the actual steps in how to start an online business and make money online, eventually, you can start NOW with a very limited budget and with no previous experience needed, and you can do it from home without quitting your job investing in your passion doing what you love.

Why you need to start online business :

  • Be your own boss and work from home.
  • Financial freedom.
  • Learn more skills.
  • Spend more time with your family.
  • You can start now with a very limited budget.
  • No previous experience is required.
  • Invest in your passion for doing what you love.

Who can start Online Business :

The answer is very simple, anyone with a computer and internet access can start making passive income from the internet following my 8 golden steps.

8 golden steps to start online business :

1- Generate Business ideas 

Your Business Idea is your passion and skills, the unique experience you have, and the amazing talents you got, and I will give you a quick tip in how to start, grab a white paper and start brainstorming and answering simple questions.

For Example :

Write down books you like to read, websites you bookmark, experiences from your current job, movies you like to watch, and pages you follow, try to find something you really love and be sure there are thousands and millions on the internet that need that experience.

2- Find your audience and how to reach them : 

Search the internet for your audience information like age, location, job, interest, and where they spend their time on the internet, then craft an ID card for your audience ( Buyer Persona ) with the provided information with real or imaginary personal photo.

3- Create Business Identity : 

In this part, you need to give your idea a visual appearance like name, logo, and theme color, and you don’t need to be a graphic designer, there are many free tools online you can use like Canva for different types of graphics that you can simply find the template you like and edit it, and colorhunt for theme colors.

4- Create a Blog Website : 

Designing a website has been made very simple these days that you can finish in an hour ( like the one you are browsing now ) without writing a single code all just drag and drop with a huge variety of beautifully designed templates that match any type of business, either options are available Free, and paid for hosting and domain like WordPress and Blogger and other many options.

5- Create high-quality content : 

Start to tell your audience about your experience, passions, and skills, talk to them through a blog post, video, photo, or info graphs, provide high-quality information for free , be a documentarian and record your process and share it with your audience. 

6- Promote your Business : 

Reach your Audience and drive traffic to your blog using different channels :

  • SMM ( Social Media Marketing ).
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).
  • E-Mail Marketing.
  • Answer the public.

7- Stay consistent : 

Provide a content creation schedule and stick to it, add to your calendar the posting plan, and create and share every day, creating content sounds hard in the beginning but after a few posts, it will become easier and better, share small pieces every day since you are providing high-quality value. 

8- Monetize your Blog : 

When you have good traffic from your target audience visiting your blog, then you are ready to take the fruits and earn money, hereby I will share with you some of these Ideas :

  • Ads on your website Google AdSense.
  • Affiliate Program.
  • Dropshipping.
  • Sell Digital Products.
  • Create an online course.
  • Promote another Brand Product.
  • Lead Generation and drive traffic to another website.
  • Sell your Website.

BONUS ( Action Required ): 

Learn the detailed steps on how to apply these techniques and get Certified for Digital Marketing from Udacity, apply for the online course and start your online business from the first day of the classroom, don’t miss this great opportunity.

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What to expect after graduating from the course : 
  • Master the skills necessary to become a successful Digital Marketer.
  • Content Marketing skills.
  • Social Media Marketing skills.
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).
  • E-Mail Marketing tools and needed skills.
  • Learn how to find and apply for your dream job. 
Reasons I have chosen Udacity : 
  • Well-organized classroom with on-demand videos and useful text.
  • Based on todo Projects.
  • join the community and get support from the experts.
  • Learn from the experts and get Certified.
  • Create your professional network.

Starting making income from the internet requires continuous and patience, it needs to spend effort and time to master and the keyword is to be willing to learn, you can’t be rich easy but you can be rich fast.

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