Increase your follower by redirecting your content strategy


Creating content in order to achieve marketing objectives like increasing social media followers, making more sales, increasing e-mail list, or driving traffic to your website depends on two main points: the value of the content and the rate of publication, that the content remains valuable, and high quality, at the same time, posting and sharing every day.

In order to achieve this, you will need experience in the field you are talking about or the topic of content. The second thing is the skill that you will need in its production, such as the skill of writing, designing, or video producing, but whether the experience or skill will be acquired over time, and the more content you will publish, the faster you will learn and better it becomes.

What is required from you is to start, research, write, design, produce and publish content, and with time, you will be impressed with the result. I will give you some tips that will help you produce and publish more contents to achieve your marketing objectives and drive more traffic to your platform.

Focus on one format

The content format varies, there are many types of content Format. it can be writing articles on a blog, creating videos, recording podcasts, taking photos, and publications on social media, you can start by choosing the easiest and best format for you and focus on it, often writing Blog posts is the most common among all other formats because since you can write, you are good to go.

Quality and Quantity

The value that you provide through the content is important, but the rate of publication is very important, because the more you publish, the faster you will learn, reach your audience, and get closer to your goal.

The most famous content creators on the Internet have had times they shared acceptable content, but they maintained sharing process on a regular basis, and you don’t know, among all that you are sharing, what will achieve you the highest impact and the best result.

the Pareto principle (The 80/20 rule)

The 80/20 rule is a well-known rule in business and in marketing and sales, and also called the Pareto principle, it means that 20% of the marketing plan achieves 80% of sales, and measures anything else against it, meaning 20% of what you publish will achieve 80% of interaction and follow-up, the main point is to stick to you posting and sharing routine, stay consistent and let your 80 % success finds the 20 % among all your posts and shares.

Click share button

Develop a daily publishing plan and stick to it and click the share button, if you write articles, write an article every day, and if you produce a video, record a video and publish it every day, post useful and valuable content every day and please no selfie latte.

Redirect your content

After you focused on one channel or format and already made a daily plan for publishing, the step of redirecting the content or converting the content comes. You make some simple modifications to the format of the content, redirect it and publish it in different channels. I will tell you an example based on the basic format that you chose

Blog Post
  • Convert the article, part of it, or its summary into a short video and publish it on YouTube.
  • Post a picture and two lines of the article on social media.
  • Publish the short video on social networking sites that support video publishing.
  • Convert the article into a podcast and publish it on podcast sites.
YouTube Channel
  • Republish the video or part of it on the social networking sites that support the publication of the video.
  • Write the script and publish it as an article on the blog or website.
  • Take a screenshot from the video with two words from the script and post it on social media.
  • Convert the video to an audio recording and publish it on podcasting sites.

Don’t forget while you are converting or redirecting the content leave the link to your main channel, whether it is your website, blog, YouTube channel, or your page and account on social media.

In this way, you can increase the rate of publishing by creating one content, adjusting simple things that fit each platform, and republishing.

We deduce from this the password to success, which is continuity. Many of those who are unsuccessful in content marketing has stopped publishing after a month, and in order to start feeling successful and reap the fruits of your labor, you will need to continue publishing for 90 days, and you will be surprised by the results.

Expected results from continuing to publish

  • Create a respected base of publications on various platforms.
  • Build a professional network and followers.
  • Develop your skill in crafting content and get closer to professionalism.
  • Increase your expertise in the field you are talking about through continuous research and learning.
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