Unveiling Motivational Dynamics: The “Towards” or “Away From” Metaprogram Pattern in Coaching

meta program towards or away from

In the intricate realm of human motivation, the “Towards” or “Away From” metaprogram pattern stands as a fundamental driving force.

This cognitive pattern significantly influences how individuals approach goals, make decisions, and navigate challenges.

In this blog post, we will understand its essence, explore its impact on behavior, and uncover its effective use in coaching.

The “Towards” or “Away From” Metaprogram Pattern:

The “Towards” pattern is characterized by a motivational focus on positive outcomes, rewards, and aspirations.

Individuals embracing this pattern are drawn by the allure of success and the anticipation of favorable results, On the other hand, the “Away From” pattern is marked by a motivation to avoid negative consequences, manage risks, and cautiously approach challenges.

  1. Towards:
    Individuals embodying the “Towards” pattern are propelled by ambition and enthusiasm, they thrive on visualizing the benefits that accomplishment can bring, this pattern often fosters an optimistic and proactive approach, encouraging individuals to pursue their objectives with fervor.

  2. Away From:
    The “Away From” pattern stems from a heightened awareness of potential setbacks, individuals with this pattern prioritize preventing harm or unfavorable outcomes, this mindset tends to be pragmatic and cautious, emphasizing risk assessment and obstacle avoidance.

 “Towards” or “Away From” Pattern in Coaching:

  1. Recognizing the Pattern:
    Listen attentively to your client’s expressions and language to discern their motivational orientation.
    Those aligned with a “Towards” pattern may use phrases like “I’m excited to achieve this,” “I’m looking forward to the rewards,” or “I’m motivated by the positive outcomes.” Meanwhile, those resonating with an “Away From” pattern may express sentiments such as “I want to prevent failure,” “I’m cautious about potential risks,” or “I’m concerned about avoiding negative outcomes.”

  2. Goal Setting:

Towards: Encourage “Towards” clients to articulate ambitious goals driven by excitement:

      • “What goals excite you and inspire your pursuit?”
      • “How can you channel your enthusiasm to drive consistent progress?”
      • “Envision the positive impact that achieving your desired outcomes will have.”

Away From: Assist “Away From” clients in setting goals that address potential challenges and risks:

      • “What goals can you set to manage and mitigate potential obstacles?”
      • “How can you approach goal-setting while being mindful of potential setbacks?”
      • “Imagine the satisfaction and accomplishment that comes from skillfully avoiding negative outcomes.”
  1. Overcoming Challenges:

Towards: When addressing challenges with “Towards” clients, emphasize the rewards of overcoming hurdles:

      • “How can you leverage your enthusiasm to tackle and conquer this challenge?”
      • “What strategies align with your drive for positive outcomes?”
      • “Envision the sense of achievement and satisfaction that accompanies triumph.”

Away From: Guide “Away From” clients in navigating challenges by focusing on risk management:

      • “How can you navigate this challenge while minimizing potential risks?”
      • “What steps can you take to adeptly sidestep negative consequences?”
      • “Imagine the relief and empowerment that comes from successfully averting potential pitfalls.”
  1. Decision-Making:

Towards: Encourage “Towards” clients to consider the benefits and positive outcomes of their decisions:

      • “How does this decision align with your aspirations and desired positive results?”
      • “Visualize the profound impact this choice will have on your journey.”
      • “What exciting possibilities can this decision unlock for you?”

Away From: Guide “Away From” clients in considering decision outcomes and managing potential risks:

      • “How does this decision enable you to proactively prevent challenges?”
      • “Imagine the satisfaction that arises from making decisions that mitigate potential negative outcomes.”
      • “What strategies can you employ to ensure that your decision minimizes risks while achieving your objectives?”

Coaching Questions to Elicit Insights:

  1. What drives your motivation: the allure of rewards or the concern for avoiding negative outcomes?
  2. How do you visualize the benefits of achieving your desired goals?
  3. What potential risks or challenges do you consider when contemplating your goals?
  4. What excites you about the positive outcomes that result from your dedication?
  5. How can you skillfully manage challenges while keeping your goals within sight?
  6. In what ways can you strike a balance between your desire for rewards and your commitment to managing risks?
  7. How does your motivation align with your progress and determination to overcome obstacles?

The “Towards” or “Away From” metaprogram pattern is a driving force in human behavior and motivation.

Understanding this pattern empowers coaches to personalize their approach, helping clients channel their motivation effectively, set meaningful goals, and navigate challenges with a focused perspective.

By harnessing the dynamics of this pattern, coaching becomes a powerful tool for self-awareness and positive transformation in clients’ lives.

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