Keywords for Search Engine Optimization

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Optimizing your website for search engines  using keywords is the modifications you add to your website so that it appears on the first pages of the search engines, the most famous of which are (Google – Bing – Yahoo), and the appearance of your site on the first pages of search engines increase the clicks to the site’s link and increases The number of website visitors from the target audience.

Google is one of the most popular sites and search engines and the most used by most Internet browsers, and this makes Google one of the best options to improve your site on the Google search engine and test the appropriate search keywords for Google’s evaluation method for sites to nominate them to appear on the first pages.

The content you provide is considered the main factor in improving the site on search engines. The search engines examine the content and categorize it through several factors, including the information provided by the content and the keywords used, in addition to many other factors that require you to modify in order to help the search engines to filter your site and appear in The first pages, and among these factors are the search keywords.

Keywords and the words that are related to them are among the most important factors that help improve search engines, and this makes knowing the types of search keywords, how to search for and use them, and the tools used to choose keywords to achieve the best results from is the important step for your site to appear on the first pages of search engines.

The importance of keywords.

The beginning always starts with keywords, choosing the appropriate keywords is through which Google can know what your site is about and what topics you are talking about, and can nominate the site to Internet users who are searching for the same topics, and this is after some analysis and tests are conducted on it, and through an algorithm Your website gets a rating for the page, which is a high rating that makes your site appear on the first pages, meaning this is the first way to get acquainted between your site and search engines.

Define your goal and the customer’s goal.

Knowing the potential customer that your site is targeting and the specifications of the target audience for visiting the site and their participation in the service or purchasing the product are factors that will help you, as you determine keywords and the appropriate language you use on the site, in addition to focusing on the home page to which visitors are required to direct the site’s visitors, because it will be the main goal of the marketing plan And through which you direct your audience to the next step, whether buying a product, subscribing to a service, registering data and a lot more.

This process is considered a continuous process on the site and is repeated with each article you publish on your site. It determines the target audience, the goal of publishing, and the next step for the target audience who will visit the page.

Generic Keywords.

The main keywords consist of one or two words that explain the topic of the page and the nature of the business, if it is publishing a brand or marketing a service, product, or educational content.

Long-tail Keywords.

It is adding words to the main keywords, and it reaches from 3 to 5 words, and you can add more than that, and add more details and definitions to the topic, it helps in better selection of this target group other than reducing the size of competing sites for the same keywords.

If your site is about providing content about e-marketing, the main search word will be (e-marketing), and in this case, the search results will be very large and the competition volume is high, and it will include large and giant sites.

But when we add words to the main keywords (learn e-marketing and start a project on the Internet without previous experience), in this way the keywords become more clear and detailed about the content, and at the same time, it will reduce the size of this competition, especially for o a specific person who knows what he is looking for wants, which means a better selection of potential clients.

Long tail keyword chart

Keywords to describe a service or product.

You use keywords to promote and publish a service or product, and in this case, the best choice of keywords is to describe the service or product, if the service you provide is an e-marketing course, the keywords are an e-marketing course.

Add Location to keywords.

If the service or product you are offering has a real fixed place, not only on the Internet, in this case, it is better that you add the name of the country or city in the keywords, for example (an e-marketing course in Cairo), because this will help those who seek the service in the same country or city It meets what they are searching for.


Analyzing and studying competing sites using online tools that provide a report on the site in terms of the number of visitors, keywords used, and many other data. The site in terms of its ability to compete to ensure that your site is a candidate to appear on the first page in search engines, meaning if it is small or medium size and appeared on the first page on the search engine, it would be the best choice for analysis and competition.

Valuable content is the most important factor. If the site on the first page offers valuable content, it will be difficult to compete, but if the content you provide adds value to the content on the first page, it will be easier to compete.

Use Keywords in context.

When the search engine checks your site to know what content you provide is about,  and nominates it to the Internet user who searches for the same topic, we know that the keywords are among the most important factors by which the search engine knows the topic and the content published on the site, and the search engine is not satisfied with determining the words used in The title only but should appear on it, or its synonyms in the context of the article or publication on this site, in addition to its presence in the description of the images Alt tag, the URL of the web page, and the description of the page Meta Description.

Where to use Keywords :

  • Head Title
  • URL
  • Alt tag
  • Meta Description

Optimizing the site for search engines is one of the important marketing channels that will help spread your site and reach the largest number of your potential customers and achieve the marketing goal, whether the spread of a brand or an increase in the number of visitors to the site and increase the percentage of sales for the product or service you provide through your site.

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